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YouTube ADS

Have you ever considered running You tube ads?

Want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or drive sales?

Why use youtube in stream ads?

YouTube in-stream ads are sponsored videos that appear in monetized organic content. They can display on YouTube and in embedded videos on partner sites. Google Ads offers three types of these ads:

Demographic data

such as age, gender, location, or household income

YouTube in-stream non-skippable ADS

Can be up to 15 seconds long. They require viewers to watch the entire ad before the organic content plays automatically.

YouTube in-stream bumper ADS

Can be no longer than 6 seconds. They also require viewers to watch in full.

Target Your Ideal Customer.

YouTube uses the Google Ads interface for all in-stream ads, which means you get access to tons of audience targeting options. You can target viewers by:


Demographic data

such as age, gender, location, or household income

Affinity audiences

that have interests related to your brand or vertical

In-market audiences

that are actively shopping for what you’re selling.

Remarketing audiences

that have already indicated an interest in your brand

Similar audiences

that share characteristics with your most valuable customers

Reach Customers Throughout Their Journey.

YouTube in-stream ads aren’t just for reaching a wide swath of customers at the top of the funnel. You can create them for every stage of the customer journey:

  • Awareness: Drive discovery by reaching relevant audiences that are new to your brand.
  • Consideration: Encourage research and browsing with useful and engaging video content.
  • Conversion: Get customers to buy, subscribe, or click with video content that prompts action.

The ClickUp in-stream ad below highlights some of the project management platform’s key differentiators while showcasing some of its most useful features. This ad is ideal for a mid- or lower-funnel audience that’s primed to click the Try Free call to action (CTA).

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