Digital Marketing, Photography, Social media management, Video Production
Antika Logo

Antika Café is a new local café that opened its doors during the pandemic back in November 2020.


The Brief

Antika Café was looking for an agency that will support them during the pandemic and help boost sales using digital and social media marketing. To increase foot traffic we started focusing on things like Breakfast or Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day and more. Our strategy was to create attractive content and spread it digitally to insure higher reach. Which we did, along with creating an identity for the account using their logo and branding. Using art direction we shot content that was cohesive throughout the months but focused on many menu items, so that we can celebrate the range of cuisines they have to offer.

Social Media

Tablab’s team worked closely with Antika’s team to build monthly content plans that focus on building engagement and attracting new followers as well as build a loyal base especially since it is a new café with many competitors.
Tablab also plays a leading role in the community management, replying to all DM’s, comments and tagged posts.
We’ve also delivered a wide range of performance marketing activity with paid promotions on Facebook, Instagram and Google.