Nail Polish

Photography, Social Media Management, Video Production

The Brief

Nail polish has been around for almost 10 years, they have branches around Kuwait that provide hair, nail, lash services and more.
When we started working with Nail polish it was clear that it was their first time working with an agency, therefore it was starting with a clean slate.
Creatively we had no boundaries as all their content was UGC, we started using models, props and different concepts to highlight their hair and nail services.
The goal was to use their branding and identity throughout the account to celebrate them being around for such a long time.
Management of beauty salons is quite different from managing other places because customers depend on Instagram accounts for their orders, appointments and complaints.
Nail polish had multiple new services to offer so we also worked with some influencers on promoting the salon.

Why Us?

We did notice quite a difference in the engagement after 2 months because the content was more appealing and stuck with the customers, with an increase of 35% in followers by the second month.