Atyab Mubarak

Digital Marketing, Photography, Social media management

Atyab Mubarak is a company based in Kuwait, that specializes in incense, western perfumes, and oil perfumes.

With years of experience in wholesaling Atyab Mubarak has expanded into the retailing field to sell to consumers directly.

Tab Lab Agency worked with Atyab Mubarak based in Kuwait on their Social Media Marketing & Management. We provided creative artwork, marketing oriented and informative content for their Social Media account. Our role was to help him expand into retailing and to introduce his brand to a larger segment of the market.

We also worked on Digital Campaigns on all social media platforms, Digital Campaigns played a huge role in the success of the expansion as it helped us reach more customers.

Why Us?

As experts in the Digital Marketing and Advertising domains, Tab Lab has a team of creative minds  that have what it takes to bring any business to a new level in terms of exposure and sales.